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Ishikawa Kanami

Hospitalized Loli
Nature: Sycophant/Manipulator*
Demeanor: Child


Derived Statistics:
Life Points 28
Initiative 3
Attacks 1
Mana 21
Movement 4
Fear Save 8
Luck 3

Attractiveness 1 (Cute)
Contact 3 (Yuu Ishikawa)
Dual Nature
Emotional Anchor (Yuu Ishikawa)
Extra Lucky 1

Aortic Insufficiency (4)**
Chronic Fatigue
Deep Sleeper
Mental Problems (Mild Depression)
Reduced Movement (2)***
Tragic Love (Yuu Ishikawa)

Teenager Skills
Academics 1 (rarely attends school)
Alertness 1
Animal Ken (Cats) 1
Domestic 2
Empathy 2
Influence 2

Research 1 Quote: gWhen did I stop being a person and become an obligation?h

* - If Kanami is able to get others (particularly her brother) to lavish her with care and attention, she gains back a Luck point. If she is able to manipulate others into doing what she wants including cases in which it is against their own best interests (particularly Mori Yumi),she gains back a Luck point.

** - New Flaw. Kanami has attacks (which can be brought on by physical activity) when her heart is overburdened by the leaking of her aortic valve. During an attack, Kanamifs Movement, STR, and CON are reduced by 4 points each. If either her STR or CON hit zero or negative numbers, she must pass a difficult Stun check or lose consciousness. She will also take some time to recover from the attack. The Storyteller might also require medical attention for
her if she severely overworks her heart.

*** - New Flaw. It can be taken from 1 to 3. Each level removes 1 rank in Movement. Reduced Movement often is the result of illness or blood disorders. Ishikawa Kanami is the younger sister of Ishikawa Yuu. She has been hospitalized since she was very young and has not had much time to develop an independent personality. She loves her brother, but has only recently realized how intense that love is, and how it is more than platonic. As so much of her life is beyond her control, she does not want to lose the one thing that makes her truly happy. In time she will probably do something drastic to Yumi-san to remind Yuu who truly loves him and would do anything for him. Yuufs own desires and plans for the future (get a job, a house, etc.) will also eventually bring him into conflict with Kanami.

Because of her prolonged isolation, she experiences great difficulty in trying to make new friends and is very withdrawn. Her mental and physical health are both quite poor, and one problem tends to exacerbate another. If she undergoes physical therapy and surgery, she will be able to use unspent XP to gbuy downh some of these flaws.

As Kanami tries to become more independent over time, she will probably be able to put XP into Domestic (which covers Cleaning, Cooking, Balancing a House Budget), Academics (as she studies more), and Alertness (as she becomes more aware of whatfs going on around her).

Kanami would be best utilized in a very realistic, modern setting. Storytellers who want to use her in their games should focus on roleplaying first and foremost.

Editor's note: Because of a missing DLL, I was not able to play through the Kanami VN again as part of my research. I had to use my memory of playing through the game a year ago. I hope that this adaptation captures the spirit of the character.


Insane Witch Overlord
Motivation: Rule the Internets, Marry the Hoff
Nature: Autocrat
Demeanor: Autist

Derived Statistics
Life Points 42 (+12) = 54
Initiative 5 (+3) (+4) = 12
Luck Points 3 (+3) = 6
Mana 56 (+30) (+12) = 98
Movement 7 (+2) = 9
Fear Save 12 (+5) = 17

Attractiveness +2
Combat Reflexes 2
Conviction 5
Contacts (Supernatural) 4
Extra Energy 3
Extra Lucky 3
Hard to Kill 4
Magic Circuit 4
Mad Skillz
Mechanical Genius 1
Natural Runner 2
Occult Library 4
Quick Learner
Resources 4
Supernatural Senses (The Sight)*
Superscientist 3

Love (The Hoff) 2**
Cruelty 1
Deep Sleeper
Honorable (Always Avenges an Insult, Always Accepts a Challenge to Combat) 1
Megalomania 1
You Fail At Domestic (Cooking)

Alertness 3
Academics (Otherworld Lore) 4
Brawl 5
Computers 9
Dodge 5
Domestic 1
Empathy 2****
Etiquette 1
Firearms 4
Languages (L337, 4chan, English, Japanese)
Melee 5
Occultism 9
Repair 5
Research 4
Security 4
Science (Electronics) 4
Science (Chemistry) 4
Science (Military Tactics) 3*****
Technology 4

Snax is the Overlord of a particularly strange dimension where sorcery seems to be structured like internet protocols and applications. Her home dimension is not as unstable nor as fluid as that gliving interneth we see in media such as Serial Experiments Lain; rather it has stable form and a wide variety of people and things that have gathered from different dimensions. Snax dwells there in her fortress, which resembles a large stone structure made in the Palladian Revival fashion. As she is a Lord, she is never without the company of her attendant Mr. Mopps and 1D4 x 3 other Mopples who wait on her hand and foot. While Snax is a capable Lord with plenty of talented people and beings in her service, she is easily bored*** and finds it difficult to stay focused on any one particular task for long hours at a time unless she becomes obsessed with the thing she is working on. As a result the wizards and witches who work for her find her difficult to work under because she is often all over the place or focused on something only tangentally related to what they are supposed to be working on.

TMB refers to the Unisystem Supplement, _The Magic Box_. ANG refers to the Angel Core Rulebook. Also, Snaxfs spells usually manifest as projected computer commands even though they affect realspace. Thus if Snax had Megaleap it would look like a Rocket Jump from Quake. The gproperh name for one of Snaxfs spells is in parentheses next to the title she gave it. If relevant illustrations are available for showing this point, Ifll provide tinyurls to them.

Spells: Summon Mopple, Summon Facebird, +m (Blocking the Mouth******) TMB 65, Defrag and Reinstall (Reverse Witchfs Spells) TMB 65, Glory of the Hoff (Glamour) TMB 68, l337 hax (Spell of Secret Protection) TMB 69, Charginf My Lazer (Ionize Air) TMB 72, Ignite Fire TMB 74, Early Warning TMB 75, Snakes on a Plane (Summon Serpents) TMB 76, Firewall (Energy Barrier) TMB 77, /kick (Bolt of Light) TMB 68, Retcon (Forgetting) TMB 80, Overclock (Boost Power, temporarily grants levels of Magic Circuit) TMB 82, Change Servers (Portal) ANG 154, Contact Sysop (Speak with Loa) ANG 155,

Superscience Items: Freeze Ray TMB 87, Flying Bomb TMB 87, Blue Capture Goo TMB 87

* - As with all of Snaxfs powers and spells, this looks like some kind of computer command. Also, /whois.
** - Momoka Corner 005
*** - Momoka Corner 006
**** - Gained from playing hundreds of Visual Novels. Note that since she is a Misfit her rolls on Empathy are at a penalty, and she is likely to look upon Visual Novels or Fanfiction as literal guides on what to do.
***** - Gained from playing Final Fantasy Tactics nonstop for a full year.
****** - +m



Lesser Independent Species (Demon)

Note: Demon here means DEMisiONal Outsider, not a being from one of the various hecks.

Facebirds are playable characters in Unisystem. They begin play with CON +1, DEX +4,
INT +2, PER + 4, and WILL + 1. (13) Their Perks, which include Supernatural Senses (Basic), Acute Sense (Vision),
Enhanced Sense (Vision), Eidetic Memory, Flight, Hard to Kill, and Spider-Climb total 18. Their species disadvantages reduce the species package cost by 9. In total playing a Facebird will cost 29 quality points. Players can add more Flaws to bring down the cost of playing one, or the Storyteller can just dock them XP until the package is paid off. Players can also choose to use XP to buy off the Icy Flaw to run one that has a sense of humor. If the player wants to run one that truly does not understand the feelings of other creatures, he can take the Insensitive flaw and raise the value of the Icy flaw to 2.

Average Facebird Statistics
INT 3-5

(16) (22)
Supernatural Senses (Basic) (1): [Can determine a creature's basic nature (demon, vampire, magus, etc.)]
Acute Sense (Vision) Level 2 (2)
Enhanced Sense (Vision) (3): [Can see things in detail up to 100' away, doubles Acute Sense benefits thus
granting +4 to all sight-based Alertness tests]
Eidetic Memory (1): Can remember up to three images and recall them with precision.
Flight (Winged)*: Fly Movement of 2 (6), Increased Flight Movement +4 (+2),
Hard to Kill 2 (2)
Spider-Climb (4)

Icy (1)
Physical Limitation (Sleep) (2): Must rest for at least three hours every day or the Facebird will lose 1D6 x 2 Mana.
Slow Mana Recovery (2)
Supernatural Form (Definitely Not Human) (2)
Physical Limitation: (No Hands, must use Feet to Grasp Objects, no Careful Manipulation [jewel cutting, firing a gun, surgery, etc.]) (2)

* - Flight (Winged) modifies the Immune To Falling/Flight Perk. If the creature has wings, it does not have to
use Mana to move about in the air.

Peck, Claw, and Wing Buffet DEX + Brawl, (1D4 x STR) Bashing

Facebirds are large white creatures which generally conform to the shape of ravens. Unlike birds, they have a small porcelain-like mask face which generally has a dour, serious expression. Facebirds are intelligent, can speak, and can read and write, although having to write while using a bird foot to grasp the pen makes their penmanship sloppy at best. As a result, to write they usually carve or scratch a message into a surface using their bird talons.

Facebirds are often used by sorcerors as spies and lookouts. The vision of a facebird is supernaturally powerful, and their able to intuitively grasp what they are looking at. This makes them useful for planning out the tactics of a battle, so a sorceror may cast invisibility spells on a facebird and then task it with scouting out a location. Facebirds can also remain completely motionless for their CON in hours, and can walk straight up vertical surfaces or hang upside down from a ceiling with no difficulty.

While facebirds are often stoic and quiet, there are times when they show their true feelings. One might think that facebirds cannot change their expressions, but this is not true. The expressions on the mask face quickly shift so that an observer does not notice the change. The resulting face reminds one of the masks used in classical Greek tragedies. It is easy to understand what a facebird is feeling, and all Empathy rolls made against one to determine its mood are at (+4).

When a facebird rests, it becomes rigid and totally stops moving. A foolish observer might think that the demon was dead if he did not know of the breed. Facebird nests are carefully-arranged affairs. In a facebird nest, the mother looks after her young but is not more affectionate than is absolutely necessary. Facebird mating is supposedly beautiful to witness, although it is a noisy affair*. Facebird songs (including their courtship ones) sound a lot like tv static, as does their natural language**.

* a noisy affair - 1 , 2
** natural language - 1, 2


Independent Race (Demon)

Note: Demon here means DEMisiONal Outsider, not a being from one of the various hecks.

Mopples are playable characters in Unisystem. They begin play with CON + 4, DEX +1, INT +1, PER +1, and WILL +1. They also have Reduced Damage (Physical Attacks) (3), Hard to Kill (6), and Increased Life Points (1). While they regenerate damage more slowly than other demons, they still can regrow lost limbs given time (1). Immortal is a free Perk which gives them immunity to aging, though taking enough damage will still kill them permanently. All together, these total 19 quality points. Their Racial disadvantages are Supernatural Form, Obligation, Honorable, and Misfit. When these are factored into the package cost the price to play a Mopple is 12 Quality points. Players can choose to spend points to buy off Misfit to play a Mopple who has become acclimated to life on Earth. Some Mopples are cowardly, so players can pick up the Mental Problems (Cowardice) Flaw if they want to reduce the price of the package.

Average Mopple Statistics
STR 1-2
CON 5-6
DEX 3-4
INT 2-3
WILL 2-3

Reduced Damage (1/2 from Physical Bashing and Lethal sources, does not protect against chemicals, spells, etc.) (3)
Hard to Kill 6
Increased Life Points 1,
Limited Regeneration (1 Life Point per Hour)
Immortal (0)

Supernatural Form (Definitely Not Human, Attractiveness -2) (2)
Obligation (Summoner) (1)
Honorable (Minimal) (2)
Misfit (2)

Tentacle Flail DEX + Brawl, 1D4 x STR bashing.

Mopples are generally peaceful, and are often used by magicians as workers and errand boys. While they are not noted for their strength or high intelligence, they are loyal and slow to anger, and as such can prove more useful than other types of summoned beings which are more passionate. Mopples are a durable species and are capable of withstanding a great deal of abuse. Mopples can understand spoken languages but do not speak themselves. They can write on a chalkboard or type if they need to communicate. When they are not busy, they enjoy lying about and being lazy.

Example Mopple: Mr. Mopps, a being in the service of Snax.


Tomoyo's Camera (crowbar)

1D8 X (STR+2) (L) [2H].

This is a cursed crowbar that Daidouji Tomoyo pulled from out of the comic frame in T42R. While it is an enchanted item (hence the addition of +2 to its damage multiplier), it encourages violence from its holder if its holder has a dark heart. It can also only be wielded by someone whose moral scale is already tipped towards evil. Anyone who is egoodf will not be able to pick it up or hold it, though it will not burn their flesh if they touch it.

The gCamerah causes Lethal damage when it is used to hack away at someone, and the wounds it causes are also Aggravated (meaning they take even longer to heal than Lethal damage). The wounds caused by it always look especially horrible (heads knocked off or crushed into bloody chunks, limbs cleft in twain, etc.)

Special Note: Even though it is an enchanted weapon, the gCamerah cannot be used to harm immaterial spiritual entities such as ghosts.


Level 6 Hypertech Device
Causes Subject to Love the Rayfs user, but react in hot/cold ways (+4)
Range 1 mile (+2)
Permanent Duration (Automatically Level 7)
Very Large Sized Item (-1 )

Creator must have Superscientist (Buffy/Fate) Quality

Required ingredients include the juice of a fresh lemon, a drop of sweat from a person who has been a NEET for at least one year, and a bit of hair from a real, live tsundere (Tohsaka Rin, Kagurazaka Asuna, Zero Louise [manga version], and Hiiragi Kagami are obvious examples) but others certainly exist. The creator must also create the large body for the ray out of metal parts (most just go the easy route and cannibalize a telescope, as it provides not only the body but easy dials for focusing the ray). To finish the item, the creator also needs a mirror or a piece of mirror that exists in a demon dimension.

Building a Tsunde-Ray that can be fired anytime the creator wants will require at least 12 weeks. If the creator builds one that can only fire once an hour, itfll require 3 weeks to build. If it can only be fired once a day, itfll only require 1 week to build.

Using the device requires the character to roll DEX + Firearms (Fate) or DEX + Gun Fu (Buffy) to sight the target and fire the device. The user can spend time aiming to increase his chances of hitting the target. If the target is hit by the beam, the target must roll WILL x2 + 1D10, and the success levels of her will check are compared against the success levels of the Firearms/Gun Fu check. If she has more successes, she is unaffected by the beam. If she has fewer successes, she becomes tsundere towards the rayfs user, falling in love with him but acting in a hot and cold manner towards him. The user could select an alternate object of affection for the target if he wished. The personality of the target could shift somewhat, becoming combative on the surface but later revealing a modest and loving side. She could also remain good-willed, but have an attitude or choose actions that contradict that nature.

If the creator fumbled the roll, the people struck by the ray become unceasingly antagonistic to the object of their affection, to the point of it being a total turn-off (Tendou Akane from the Ranma tv series is an example).