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"Devoted Sister" 02.20.2007

CPU Minimum: Pentium3 1GHz
Memory Minimum:
256MB (For Windows2000)
512MB (For Windows XP)
OS: Windows 2000/XP, 98SE*, ME**
Video Card: Video Card which supports DirectX 9.0
VRAM: More than 16MB
Software: DirectX 9.0c

*Thanks, Galenmereth!
**May have some language display issues.
Kanami has always been sickly, and neglected by her parents. For most of her life, she has depended on her older brother to care for her, help her, and pay attention to her when she needed it. Slowly, her sisterly feelings became something else. Time stops for no one; just as children grow independent from their parents, siblings eventually drift apart. Kanami, on learning of her brother's girlfriend, finds that her feelings were far deeper, and far darker than she realized.

Kanami's obsession with her older brother drives her to manipulate, ruin, and murder. Kanami wants nothing else than for her brother to look only at her, think only of her, and love only her -- just as she loves only him. With every act she commits, she steps closer to building an ideal life for herself: one where only she and her brother exist in happiness.

A dark, twisted, incestuous tale of obsession.


Kanami Ishikawa
VA: Yui*

Suffers from Chronic aortic insufficiency. She's timid, selfish and requires constant support, but she's been trying to be more independent lately...

Spends most of her time at home. Has a cat named Nikki.

Yuu Ishikawa

Kanami's brother.
He's been taking care of Kanami since their father died. Usually devoted, but the stress seems to be getting to him lately...
Yumi Mori
VA: Kubisaki Kitsune

Yuu's close friend, but Kanami hasn't had much contact with her. Seems like a capable person. Maybe even a little intimidating?

Mrs. Ishikawa

Yuu and Kanami's Mother.
Undependable. A spiteful woman.





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Scenario, Art, Planning: Dan Kim
Editing: Jake Staines, online contributors
Play testing: online contributors
Kanami - Yui Hinaduki
Developed with: Blade Engine
With support from: Curious Factory